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Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy

Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy

1.5 CEs, 1.5 EMDRIA CEs (pending)

Description: This program will outline the potential benefits and pitfalls of intensive trauma-focused therapy, review the research, and explain, in detail, how to do it. The focus is not on a specific intervention such as EMDR or PC, and no modifications of those treatment protocols are proposed. Rather, the focus is on how to sequence the various types of interventions that are normally done over the course of trauma-informed treatment, how to manage certain types of clinical issues, and how to manage the business aspect.

Who should participate: This training is open to mental health professionals who are already trained in an efficient, well-tolerated trauma treatment method such as EMDR or PC. This training is geared to participants at the intermediate or advanced levels.


  • video-tape of a live workshop on intensive trauma-focused therapy
  • research report on intensive trauma-focused therapy outcomes
  • telephone screening/intake script for prospective intensive trauma-focused therapy clients

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to:

  • name the five main advantages or benefits of intensive trauma-focused therapy.
  • name the two main pitfalls or challenges associated with intensive trauma-focused
  • therapy.describe the state of the research on intensive trauma-focused therapy.
  • implement the set of procedures required to provide intensive trauma-focused therapy to clients.

Cost and Registration: Under construction, ready in Summer 2019.