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PC Credentialing: Certification, Consultant, Instructor

in Progressive Counting and the Fairy Tale Model of Trauma-Informed Treatment


PC Credit via Distance Learning Program

This requirement is only for those who completed their PC training in person (before it was included in the online PC training). Any of the following distance learning programs may be completed to fulfill this requirement towards PC Certification:

It's assumed that you'll choose the program associated with the PC training you took, but if you want to do another one instead, that's OK.

Certification Benefits:

  • Recognition as having worked to achieve competence as a trauma therapist using PC
  • Listing as a Certified PC Therapist on the TI & CTI web site's Find A Therapist page
  • Up to six PC Group Consultation sessions via web-based video-conference ($300 value).

Certification Requirements:

  • Completion of one of our multi-day programs that includes training in PC
  • Completion of at least 30 PC sessions with clients
  • Completion of one of the designated distance learning programs (only required if you completed your PC training in person [not online]; see below)
  • At least 15 hours of PC consultation, including at least 10 hours of PC group consultation provided by TI & CTI-accredited PC Consultant (or Consultant in Training), either online or in person, and another 5 hours that may be group or individual. Note: If your PC training started in 2021 or later, and included 1.5 days of group consultation, then only 12 additional consultation hours are required.
  • Endorsement by a TI & CTI-approved PC Consultant
  • License or registration for independent practice as a mental health professional, and adherence to your profession's ethical code of conduct
  • $250 fee

Click for the Application for PC Certification.

PC Group Consultation

The required 15 hours of post-training PC group consultation can be completed with any TI/CTI-approved PC Consultant. The consultation must be done in a group format (minimum 4 participants), either in person (face to face) or by video-conference; and it must include review of participants' actual work, e.g., session videos. The consultation will focus on the trauma-informed treatment approach, including PC.

Endorsement by a PC Consultant

The endorsement for PC Certification by a TI/CTI-approved PC Consultant will be based on case discussion as well as review of your actual work (live or video) in the trauma-informed treatment approach, including PC. Consultants will provide detailed feedback to help you improve as needed. Consultants charge for their time, so get as far as you can in improving your skills via Group Consultation before trying for the Endorsement.

Disclaimer: TI/CTI makes no express or implied warranty as to the fitness or competence of any PC Certification holder. The credential is intended to represent completion of the activities likely to lead to mastery of PC and trauma-informed treatment.

Requirements for becoming a PC Consultant:

  • PC Certification
  • Completion of PC training at least two years prior to Consultant application
  • Provision of at least 200 PC sessions with clients
  • Provision of at least 20 hours of PC group consultation and 10 hours of PC individual consultation, under the supervision of an existing PC Consultant
  • A letter of endorsement from the PC Consultant, based on having observed you providing such consultation, and having discussed it with you
  • Application fee of $100

Requirements for becoming a PC Instructor:

  • PC Consultant
  • Submission of proposed curriculum that meet criteria (OR agreement to use the curriculum we provide)
  • Submission of a 1.5 hour training video
  • Application fee of $500 (or $200 if you use the provided curriculum)